zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Gustavo's Diabetes Gift

Good Moringa!
I am a true believer! A couple of weeks ago, my husband, Burl, was at a Palm delivery and installation job (the Gregory Palm Farm) in Orange. One of the house workers named Gustavo was having problems walking. His foot was so swollen that he couldn't wear his shoe anymore. When Burl asked him what was wrong, Gustavo replied that he was "suffering from his diabetes and that he wasn't doing so well today." Burl brought him home and I immediately made him a hot cup of Moringa Tea. I gave him a bottle of the Moringa Tablets and a pouch of the Moringa Tea. I asked him to take the Moringa at least twice a day, morning and evening.
He came back Saturday, March 7th, and showed me his foot. It was no longer swollen. He was wearing his dress shoes for Church and he was so excited! I received the warmest hug from him and his wife! As I listened to him explain what Moringa did for him, I was filled with such joy and a new resolve to spread the word of Moringa. He said that he takes the Moringa in the morning and in the evening, every day. In the past, he said that he would get up at least four times a night. Now, he sleeps all night and it gives him energy in the morning. I am in the process of getting his testimonial on video for our youtube account. Please check back at Moringa For Life @ youtube for my interview. He said he's been telling all his family and friends about Moringa. I wanted to share this wonderful story with you.

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