dinsdag 10 maart 2009

17 reasons for you to buy Moringa products

1. gives a feeling of wellness and promotes energy, yet this is not a sugar based energy
2. increases natural body defense and stimulates metabolism
3. stimulates the cell structure of the body
4. rich in vitamin A, provides nourishment to the eyes and brain
5. balances level of cholesterol
6. balances level of sugar
7. rich in anti-oxidants, beautifies the skin and lowers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
8. improves functioning of kidney and liver
9. promotes healthy digestion
10. promotes body's immune system
11. promotes circulatory system and controles blood pressure
12. promotes anti-inflammatory features, heals arthritis pain
13. heals tumors and ulcers
14. balances hormone and gland system
15. detoxify body from poisons
16. helps relax and promotes good night sleep
17. purifies water

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Unknown zei

I make powder from crushed moringa leaves, and I am wondering how long that powder is good before it starts losing its nutritional value. I noticed as time goes by, the color changes from a rich green to a more brownish green, and the scent fades.